Dimitra Stasinopoulou

"The world exists only when it is shared" as a Greek poet said


Interest in photography came late in my life. I began travelling and photographing places and people that were distant from the “modern” western way of life, and were travelling in the pages of history following another, different, course. I am most excited by people, places and cultures that have not been overtaken yet by the homogeneity of the west. I love the color and texture of those places, the vitality of life and their rituals and symbolisms. Ι shoot what moves me; I shoot from my heart to tell the visual stories I love and care about, discovering what it means seeing rather than merely looking. For me photos, and more specifically people’s photos, are emotional experiences. With my camera, I am searching to find not only what separates us from these people, but also what unites us. No matter how many journeys one might take, whichever part of the planet they may find themselves, every time they will see the cheeky smile of a child, the impetuous gaze of the adults and the stoic, welcome expression of the elders demonstrating that, under the successive layers of culture, we all have the same face, the same voice, the same body.